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So, I've been terrible at updating the blog...

I am currently working on some exciting (and some not so exciting official businessy things), the exciting things are making new pieces and booking places at fairs and crafty events around Yorkshire (From Yorkshire With Love 14/04/13) and hopefully further afield. I am also in the process of applying for creative work experience in Berlin which I am beyond excited about.

I've been working on my website too, so that everything can be run from one place. I will, fingers crossed, be up and running at www.ellierosedesign.com before too long but I can't say when that will be exactly yet.

So for now, thank you for being patient!
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and I hope you will enjoy this close up of my new little beauty of a table...

The recent images I have added, show the development stages and finished outcomes of my final year Textile Design work at Manchester School of Art.

I worked extremely hard on this final project, at first, because I was aiming for a grade which would stand me in good stead in the working world, but later, because I was fuelled by a genuine passion for creating bespoke furniture to work alongside the exuberant textiles I produce. 

My absolute favourite past time is rummaging at car-boot sales and charity shops for hidden gems, bits and bobs that I can give a bit of TLC, so I thought I may as well find a way to incorporate my magpie ways into my full time passion; design.

Up-cycling is becoming increasingly popular as it aims to tackle global warming issues and encourage sustainability in modern lives, sustainable design is also on the up, we need to start loving what we own and up dating it to suit our swiftly changing styles instead of buying too many new items. Possessions hold meaning and in the near future, I hope to produce design items which encourage re-instilled love for pieces of furniture. 

Whilst wandering the streets and shops of Manchester, I enjoy searching for old and neglected furniture, and take great pleasure in tailoring a contemporary print to encourage rekindled love for these pieces. Using wooden materials as a neutral base, I inject colour via fluorescent foil, luxurious flock, digital print and etching techniques. I am thrilled to be able to give old furniture a new lease of life and to offer people unique pieces of functional artwork for their homes.