These are the result of my most recent university project, I am thrilled with the final outcome and have had a lot of interest in the bespoke items. I think it is definitely something we will be seeing more of!

My little £4 cupboard and what might go onto it

Add flowers for good measure..

Inspiration for my furniture however, must relate to my emotional objects so I have resorted to my clothes as they are what I would say I would be most upset if they were taken from me, shallow but true! So i began drawing from their patterns and colours

Although I love textiles and it would be nice to make a collection of tea towels, I don't feel this is challenging enough for me at this stage of level 5. I want to explore something 3 dimensional, I do not get to do this on the textile design course, everything I produce is 2D so I have set my sights on a hand painted piece of furniture and have been doing some research on what is already available in the way of unique and contemporary domestic bits and bobs.

Second supporting study unit- Emotional attachment/objects of desire

For this unit i had to collect and draw objects which had a personal resonance with me, i then had to draw these in a variety of media to explore how they might be portrayed differently, I began with objects found around my bedroom such as ornaments and photo frames etc, i then thought about personal things like photos and cameras, I toyed with the idea of taking these objects apart and seeing what shapes i could get from the inside of them.
With what i drew from these objects i tried to translate onto domestic textiles such as tea towels, and in a contemporary way. I was not so pleased with this outcome i think because it was digitally worked and i am a little tired of this approach. For supporting study I like to branch out and really test new ideas and ways of working so the next thing is research i suppose..

Final duvet design